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Want to know what’s hot and what’s not on cpanews? Read our latest web series review to find out which shows are worth watching! We’ve reviewed Big Mouth, ImMature, indvox, Mumbai Diaries, and more! Here are our top picks. If you haven’t already watched these series, you should! They’ll leave you wanting more! Regardless of your taste, there’s a series out there for you!

Big Mouth

Y-Films recently launched a Hindi horror lasenorita series called Ghoul. The series is set in an army interrogation center. A feared terrorist is held in a cell. He is eventually taken to the United States and is believed to be the leader of the terrorist establishment. In this review, we will examine this series to find out whether it is worth your time. A brief plot synopsis follows.

Set in three cities, this life2news series follows four couples who are long distance lovers. Despite their long distances, they must deal with many issues related to their relationships. Despite their distances, they have to make many difficult decisions, including whether to marry. The series is not without its charms, however. The show is well worth checking out. And if you want to watch some new shows that are available on Netflix, make sure to get the latest web series review from Netflix.


ImMature is a web series that premiered at the first Canneseries presentnews festival in 2018. The tvcrazy series was created by Sameer Saxena, the director of popular TVF series Yeh Meri Family and Permanent Roomates. It also stars Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav. Rashmi Agdekar plays the lead character Chhavi, while Vishesh Tiwari plays the role of Susu. The show’s cast includes many recognizable Bollywood actors, as well as a lot of young and talented actors.

The show is funny and dark, but the main characters are largely aimed at older teenagers. This Netflix original series is not for the faint of heart. The reviews that were written for it tended to gloss over spoilers and were only mediocre at best. It does have some sexy content, but it’s not overpowering and can still be enjoyed by the average person. While the web series does feature violence and sexuality, it’s still a good option for people who don’t mind a lighter show with a little less darkness.


If you’re interested in watching more web series, get the latest Netflix web series review! This new series has been gaining popularity and is perfect for people who are interested in the latest entertainment trends. The series stars Penn Badgley as a middle-aged indie bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with his customer, Guinevere Beck. This relationship reaches a whole new level of stalking, and the series’ heart-wrenching moments are sure to leave you in stitches.

Mumbai Diaries

The eight-episode Mumbai Diaries web series, created by Nikkhil Advani, avoids the pitfalls of manipulative web series, such as “The Surgical Procedure” and “The Aftermath.” The story is centered on a low-resource, overcrowded government hospital, where doctors and nurses are stretched to the limit by gunshot victims. While it is not a medical thriller, viewers will still find plenty to relate to.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is that it is not very plot driven, with breaks for character development at crucial points. It explores the relationship of Dr. Oberoi with his wife, as well as the internal and external struggles of his marriage. His unconventional, impulsive actions often put him at odds with his boss, chief medical officer Mani Subramaniam. The series also focuses on the inner workings of the hospital’s emergency room, which is led by the brash Dr. Kaushik Oberoi.


Although the first hour of Hostages has parts that make you want to fast-forward, it’s still a neat thriller that offers a satisfying end. It has many talented artists who play a variety of characters with definite roles and proper closure. However, the show’s main lead, Ronit Roy, stands out as the main character and carries the show along with Tisca Chopra. She stamps her authority on her character and the show’s overall quality.

As a conclusion

Season 2 of Hostages picks up where season one ended, focusing on the family of Dr. Anand and Singh’s gang as they attempt to rescue their captive CM. Meanwhile, the hostages are trapped in an abandoned bungalow where the gang is taking place. Eventually, they manage to escape, but not before the police and army are alerted, and the two protagonists must find a way out of the building.

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