How Many Hours Should I Study For a Final Exam?

When you’re preparing for a final exam, you may be wondering, “How many hours should I study?” This question is tricky because it can depend on a number of different factors. Your preparation, aptitude, and study methods will all play a role. But, you can use these tips as a starting point. Listed below are some guidelines to help you figure out how much time to study for your final exam.

Start your study days a few weeks prior to the first exam. Create a checklist of topics and figure out how much time each subject should require each day. Be realistic about how much time you need to study certain topics, and schedule breaks for your brain to rest between sessions. Studying for a final exam requires planning, and a solid study strategy will make all the difference. If you start the day before the test, you’ll be better prepared for the exam.

Studying efficiently will not only improve your GPA, but will benefit you long after you finish school. A general rule of thumb for studying is two hours for every hour of class. This means that, if you’re taking an economics class, you should expect to spend six hours each week studying. If you can set up a study routine, it will streamline the process and ensure the best results on your next test.

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