How to Perform a VLOOKUP With Multiple Lookup Values in Same Column

In order to perform a VLOOKUP with multiple lookup values in the same column, you must alter the array in which the lookup values are stored. In the example below, we are going to use INDEX, SMALL, IF, and ROW. After modifying the array, we need to enter a formula in the topmost cell. This will result in multiple corresponding values appearing in the same column solonvet.

The COUNTIF function is an array formula. It counts the number of times a value equals a condition is met. The IF function changes the value in an array based on a logical expression. TEXTJOIN and IF functions are also used to combine cell ranges and arrays. Both of these functions have the advantage of concatenating cell ranges into one. The TEXTJOIN function has the advantage of concatenating two cell ranges or arrays in a single formula. It allows you to configure a delimiting character and to remove blank values dseklms.

You can also use VLOOKUP to find an accurate match in more than one column. But to use it correctly, you need to make some modifications in your formula. The basic syntax for VLOOKUP cannot find matches in both Movie and Showtime columns, so you need to use a modified formula to find a match in both columns. You can find an expert on this topic on the Excel Tech Community septuplets mccaughey father died.

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