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How to Track Average Order Value in Google Analytics

One of the most valuable metrics for eCommerce businesses is average order value. This metric measures the azar amount of money that your customers spend on an average order. It can be used to identify revenue channels and customer groups based on how much they spend. In addition, it can help you gauge your online marketing efforts.

You can track average order value over any period of time. Most marketers choose to monitor this number mydailypapers monthly, as it allows them to notice changes in purchasing habits over time. Google Analytics will automatically track AOV for you under the Conversions tab. However, if you want to make it even more precise, you can add custom segments to your tracking code.

To find your average order value, navigate to Conversions > eCommerce > Overview. You’ll see a table newsincs with the data you need. In the table, you’ll see the number of visitors and the average order value. You can also see the average order value of each traffic source. Once you have identified which traffic source is producing the highest average order value, you can optimize those sources.

Another way to onethink measure average order value is to divide total sales by total orders. In Google Analytics, you can see this metric on the dashboard and in ecommerce report packs. It’s one of the most important KPIs in ecommerce and can help you optimize your kamitamika website and make decisions about your products and pricing.

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