The Difference Between Nephrotic and Nephritic Syndrome

If you’re concerned about your child’s kidneys, you might want to know more about the difference between nephrotic and nephritic syndrome. These conditions affect the structure and function of the kidney. Listed below are the main differences between nephrotic and nephritic syndrome. Find out the symptoms world4ufree fit of each and learn how to differentiate the two.

While the differential diagnosis of nephrotic and nephritic syndrome is quite broad, the etiology of these conditions can be classified according to their clinical manifestations. Nephrotic syndrome is generally self-explanatory, but can also be due to glomerulonephritic disease. Both types of nephritic syndrome may have a similar clinical presentation  kuttyweb

One type of nephrotic syndrome is called membraneous nephropathy masstamilan, and it is an autoimmune disease in which immune proteins accumulate in the glomerular basement membrane. The thickened membrane allows proteins to pass into urine. Other types atozmp3 of nephritic syndrome include systemic diseases such as lupus, IgA vasculitis, lupus, or other disorders of the blood. In addition to these, certain medicines and genetics can cause thi bestsportspoint disease.

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